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About Corbett Creek Kennel

Our Philosophy

The first 100 days of your puppy's life forms the basis of a life long friendship. We work diligently to socialize your puppy. They are raised with toys, music and fresh, clean blankets every day. They are held, loved and cuddled as soon as their eyes open. We feed our puppies Purina brand products and supplements such as rice cereal and powdered milk and, when old enough and weather permitting, they run around the farm learning that chickens do peck and that being in water is fun!


They are spoken to with loving voices and asked to experience new obstacles with loving encouragement. When you carry your puppy out the door we pride ourselves knowing that we have raised a happy, healthy, emotionally independent puppy who is ready to fit into your family. This will be a vital part of the rest of his or her life.


We also pride ourselves on standing behind our puppies and dogs. We breed only superior dogs that are a testament to what the breed stands for. We make sure their hips and eyes are clear and that the mother of your puppy has a wonderful life, playing in the fields and woods of our farm. Our dogs are our children and we feel that our puppy people are our extended family. We love your cards, letters and calls telling us how our puppies have enriched your lives.


Our Mission

  • To show and produce field superior representatives of the breed in conformation and champion with the AKC breed standard as our guide.
  • To abide by the laws and bylaws of the Weimaraner Club of America.
  • To sell happy, healthy pups from champion and/or champion bloodline parents who have all of their health clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation of America and the CERF Foundation.
  • To match each potential owner/family with the best puppy for them and to support and mentor them in all of their goals with their dog whether it is in the show, field, or confirmation ring or the family's home.
  • To work in the rescue of unwanted pets to rehabilitate and place them with loving families to the best of our ability.
  • To support the NEADS Foundation and other worthwhile organizations with yearly donations of two pups to further their goal of assisting individuals with special needs.
  • To support, encourage and mentor children and adults in the ownership, training and showing of their dog.

About Mary

I started with my first Weimaraner in 1968 when her father, Dr. Lacey Corbett, fell in love with the breed. My mother would say, we had four children under five and no washing mackhine, but a champion Weimaraner. Her name was Emerald and this is when I fell in love at seven years old. We traveled as a family to New Jersey to pick her up. She had three litters and I was hooked.

Ever since I was a child I have loved animals. My mother said that as a three year old all I wanted to do was take a walk and see the cows and horses or go to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. I joined 4-H at then old and had sheep and dogs as my projects with my brothers going to fairs and showing both was my passion. I worked on the neighborhood turkey/pig farm for ten years and attended Norfolk County Agricultural High School where I was in my glory with all the opportunities with animals and Future Farmers of America. I knew as a freshman that I wanted to work with children and animals. So I set my goals to become a vocational agricultural teacher. I went to Texas A&M where I majored in Animal Science and Agricultural Education. Upon graduation, I taught science and adult education for five years in the juvenile prison facility in Rhode Island and then ten years in Boston at West Roxbury High School.

 I loved my students and what I did, but ten years ago I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and left teaching. I tried to return after battling and recovering the energy but, as everyone knows, cancer changes you and I am blessed to be able to do what I love to do: to breed beautiful, healthy, loving dogs and make people happy. Last summer, three couples visited and two couples gave me a wonderful compliment: "Mary, you have so much passion for what you do." That was very inspiring for me, especially on those days when you feel like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day! But, I do feel blessed and grateful; to do what I love to do, and not to have to drive in that Boston traffic, as some of you know ... that is priceless!


I want to thank people in my life who have helped and supported me. To my breeder friends, George & Joan, Justine, Christine and Claudia—thank you for your love and support. To my Uncle Linus and Dad who are in heaven with the angels. Thank you for teaching me there is nothing a woman can't do. To my wonderful family, a loving daughter, Rachel, and my Aunt Joan who breeds the top Brittanys in the country, who is constantly an inspiration to me and all around her.


But, most of all, thanks to my puppy family (the parents of my puppies) who love and care for my puppy children. I always say it's the dog who chooses the owner, but God gives me wonderful owners and in my thirty years of doing what I love, I feel blessed to have such wonderful owners and friends.

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